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HIRE Veterans Medallion Program

The HIRE Vets Medallion Program is the only federally recognized awards program, sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Labor. The HIRE Vets Medallion recognizes employers who hire and retain veterans, including their efforts to establish employee development programs and veteran specific benefits to improve retention.

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SOU Professional Development 2021

Southern Oregon University is excited to offer virtual professional development workshops in 2021 to expand your skills and build your team. In February, Christopher Harding will be talking about The Power of Emotional Intelligence. Julie Benezet will join us in March to talk about Taking Chances to Lead Change. You can learn about Conscious Communication with Gretchen Ki Steidle in April. In May, Renee Riley Adams and Jessica Wakefield will help you with Effective Relationships in the Workplace and Difficult Conversations. Go to http://sou.edu/professional for more information and to register.

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Tools to Address Jobsite Culture in Construction

Harassment and discrimination on construction job sites create hostile work environments that negatively impact safety, productivity, and retention of a skilled workforce. These challenges disproportionately harm women, Black, Indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC) in the Construction industry. Positive jobsite culture, which provides a workplace free from harassment and discrimination, is good for the industry’s long term success and sustainability: it minimizes work stoppages and lost time, improves performance, supports safety protocols, enhances employee engagement, supports retention of a skilled workforce, increases health and wellness of workers and increases overall productivity.

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Rogue Business Connections

The Rogue Business Connections community on LinkedIn allows business and nonprofit leaders in the Rogue Valley to connect and share questions, resources and solutions to the challenges that many businesses face in our region.

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