Furloughs and Layoffs

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Is There a “Right” Way To Do Layoffs? [Survey + Infographic]

Venngage surveyed HR and business leaders with the goal of helping both workers and companies in these difficult situations.  This blog article provides infographics with results from an original survey of 30+ HR professionals and business leaders, with actionable advice for downsizing humanely.  Additionally, they include data visualizations on 2022’s tech layoffs, including info by region and industry.

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WorkShare Oregon – Working Together to Support Employment

Work Share Oregon is a program that offers an alternative to laying off your work force. It allows you to keep skilled employees during slow times by reducing work hours. Eligible staff whose hours and wages are reduced, receive a portion of their regular unemployment insurance benefits to compensate for the lost wages.

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Announcing employee departure and meeting templates

Hypercontext is an online business goals and meeting management application.  They offer free templates for meeting management and a blog including suggestions on announcing an employee departure.  This resource links to their “How to announce employee departures to your team” article.  Use their “templates” link to view agenda suggestions on conducting meetings.

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Rapid Response to Layoffs

If layoffs are inevitable, your local workforce team can help by providing services to affected workers. Get in touch with the “Rapid Response Team” at the Rogue Workforce Partnership. We developed a “Rapid Re-Placement” session that is proactive and business-focused.

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Federal CARES Act

The CARES Act creates three temporary Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs that boost UI benefit amounts and duration and expand UI eligibility to more workers. Oregon Employment Dept. Offers information on Federal unemployment benefits including The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC).

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Oregon Work Share Program

An alternative for employers and workers who may be facing the prospect of a layoff situation. With Work Share, instead of reducing staff, an employer reduces the hours of work for a group of workers.

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Rogue Business Connections

The Rogue Business Connections community on LinkedIn allows business and nonprofit leaders in the Rogue Valley to connect and share questions, resources and solutions to the challenges that many businesses face in our region.

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