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Small Business Trends for 2023

It’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen down the road. However, having well-informed expectations can help you stay ahead of the curve. The SBA shares trends that they are monitoring heading into 2023.

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LMI Central Community

LMI Central is a portal to relevant sources of workforce and labor market information for data-driven planning. This site features a diverse palette of LMI resources to assist you in “painting a picture” of your labor market.

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Market Research Institute

SBDC\’s Market Research Institute provides customized research reports and market intelligence for established businesses that anticipate growth to help identify opportunities and better understand the competitive landscape.

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Rogue Business Connections

The Rogue Business Connections community on LinkedIn allows business and nonprofit leaders in the Rogue Valley to connect and share questions, resources and solutions to the challenges that many businesses face in our region.

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