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Southern Oregon Business Seminar Series

SOREDI has joined with community partners to host a series of business resource sessions.
What: A series of buildable webinars that will provide to help business owners maximize their effectiveness.
Who should attend: Any small business owner or (current and future!)
Cost: None! This program is generously sponsored through a Local Initiatives Support Corp. (LISC) grant.
When: Every other week, from 2 to about 2:40 pm.

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Pro Bono Engineering Services Available for Almeda Wildfire-Impacted Businesses

A local group of construction industry professionals (including principals of several of the leading construction management and engineering firms in the Rogue Valley) have come together to support regional recovery from the Almeda Fire. Among other efforts, several of the participants would like to provide some pro bono support to businesses impacted by the fires as they make plans to rebuild. Particularly if you are having trouble figuring out where to begin, please let us know if you’d like to connect with this group of professionals. Please send an email to Marta Tarantsey at Business Oregon ( or click the link below) with just a little bit about your business and what kind of help you are seeking.

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Built Oregon – Free Online Marketplace for Direct to Customer Manufacturers

There’s a humble spirit of uncomplicated generosity and collaboration here in the Northwest.  An openness as vast and diverse as Oregon’s seven regions. It’s in this spirit Built Oregon has launched the Built Oregon Marketplace, the consumer’s ultimate destination to discovering Oregon founded products built with a commitment to craft and community. Open to all Oregon-based Direct to Consumer Manufacturers.

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Rogue Business Connections

The Rogue Business Connections community on LinkedIn allows business and nonprofit leaders in the Rogue Valley to connect and share questions, resources and solutions to the challenges that many businesses face in our region.

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